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Does this count as an update?


The Big Lipped Alligator is a trope!

I am so happy right now! You have no idea!



I'm wondering if I shouldn't break this up into multiple posts.

Okay, so, about two weeks ago I left New York forever and drove across the country. I suppose I could go into detail on that, but someone hasn't given me the pictures from the party yet. But I'll just give the abbreviated trip. First I drove nine hours to Columbus and picked up calger459, and then we drove the remaining six hours to Chicago and stayed with Doug and his family. As I was very tired, I was very incoherent. Hopefully they will forgive me.

Chicago with the WalkersCollapse )

So basically our plan was to collaborate on a review of Fern Gully, which starts out with us fighting over who gets to review it, as we each have our own agenda regarding the movie. Hopefully it'll turn out alright and not too... weird. It does get a little weird (accordion and Tim Curry transvestism does get involved).

But then I talked them into filming a feedback segment based on me and Doug going on a date and having nothing to talk about but nostalgic things. I think that one will actually be rather brilliant.

Feet.Collapse )

Okay, so then the rest of the trip was basically a large slice of wasteland followed by a small slice of Colorado and then another HUGE slice of wasteland. Don't ever go to Utah. I'll spare you most of it, but know this:

Cock.Collapse )
And mention needs to be given to the most epic banana in the history of bananas. I ate a banana in Nebraska and tossed it out the window. Well, a portion of it wasn't ready to say goodbye yet, and did cling to the wheel of my bicycle.

Banana.Collapse )

I'll go ahead and do the rest of the last couple of weeks in a separate post.

I love it when we suck.

And by "we" I mean "the history of human civilization".

Okay, so a few weeks ago we were at long last watching Alien vs. Predator with adjectivegirl. See, now muneybags6 and I like this movie, campy piece of violence that it is, because we like the female main, the way the fodder characters were developed (better than non-fodder characters in most movies), and hey, Predator's just a pimp. But then, the plot point about the pyramids of the world and how aliens built them pops up, and Sherry goes, hey, why do we never give ourselves credit for those pyramids? Wherefore comst the aliens in the grand scheme of pyramid? Those are our fucking pyramids, man. Just nab you a couple million slaves and some nearby stone quarries and boom- pyramids. Now this is hardly limited to AVP, aliens having something to do with building pyramids, seems to be a thing, but hardly an original thing, right?

Well Michael Bay has not had his say yet! C'mon, guys! Why don't you give us cred for those damn pyramids? Those Egyptians were a pretty smart lot! Right fuckers sometimes, sure, but I'm sure they could come up with at least a damn pyramid.

But wait, there's more! This according to the last issue of Empire:

Egyptian hieroglyphics ...turn out to be depictions of Transformers who visited Earth.

WhatwhatWHAT? Okay, guys, really now. First you take our Macs and say they're copied off Megatron. Okay, fine, at least that explains away any Independence Day-style plot devices. But then you take our pyramids away from us- again- and now you're taking written language? Possibly the greatest achievement of the civilized human mind? Michael Bay and large sect of humanity, why don't you give us credit for our ape brains? I don't recall ever seeing that heiroglyph that looks like a semi! Or maybe they transformed into owls and little squiggles of water back in the day, who knows? Alls I know is between this and SaberJew, summer 2009 cannot come fast enough!

Edit: witchtree had this to contribute:

The final countdown

In 4 days, 18 hours, 3 minutes and 48 seconds I start my journey across the country. The three-thousand mile journey across the cracked wasteland that is this country...

Give me music and stuff!

Oh, fuck no.

Eartha Kitt dies today at 81.

I'm never one really to give a shit about celebrity deaths, but this one really hits me hard. I didn't even know she was sick.

Bon voyage, Eartha. You were one of the greats.


Good lord this one took forever...

But here she is!

Keep an eye out for ink_n_imp getting the tar beaten out of her, sirenofaverne running from the horror of the shoes, and bpdermody being, as he put it, several types of brutish man.


Now my service to the Dark One is complete...